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Please note: Any advanced Skin Treatments can not be booked online due to us needing to access your skin and treatment suitability. We may even require skin preparation or Home Prescriptive products prior to under going these treatments.

For enquiries on any of these treatments please either call 5429 2555 or email:

bIO-SYNTHESIS LED LIGHT THERAPY(Starting from $50)(30min)



A light therapy treatment that utilizes powerful LED lights to correct skin imperfections.



Bio-Synthesis™ technology takes the power of light therapy to the next level to correct even more skin imperfections in one place than ever before. Specifically formulated, Bio-Synthesis™ treatments use over 4000 LED lights in a combination of red, yellow, green and blue to make an exclusive blend of skin perfecting light therapy.


The effective Bio-Synthesis™ LED system operates using of 4 different types of colored light therapy paired with revolutionary Suzuki Technology™ for greater coverage.

How does it work?


Blue Light 


Destroys and sterilises propionibacterium (p-ance bacteria). 

Used for treating acne and pimples

Positive effects have also been known to treat eczema, rosacea and psoriasis

Balances pH 

Assists with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD- lack of daylight) 

Assists with sleep disorders 

Decreases redness and inflammation 

Reduces stress and promotes relaxation 


Red Light 

Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin

Stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin

Provides essential energy for cellular renewal 

Improves skin strength, elasticity and plumpness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Increases circulation 

Assists with tightening and firming the skin 

Assists with lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins 

Stimulates production of ATP 



Green Light 

Regulates melanin and oil production

Reduces pigmentation 

Controls hyper-pigmentation 

Assists in fading freckles, brown patches, age, sun and liver spots 

Smooths and brightens the skin 

Stimulates cellular growth 

Promotes healing 

Reduces redness 

Assists with depression 



Yellow Light 

Rejuvenates and brightens the complexion 

Reduces redness, flushing, swelling, couperose and rosacea

Assists with lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins 

Enegizes the cells, builds collagen and reduces wrinkles 

Decreases the appearance of capillaries 

Encourages circulation and boosts the body's immune system 




 Our skin therapists will conduct a detailed consultation to match your skin concerns with a targeted LED treatment.






SKIN NEEDLING(starting from $99)(30-60min depending on area)

Dermal Pen PRO is designed for clinical skin rejuvenation of the face, hands, neck, décolletage and certain areas of the body requiring targeted skin regeneration treatment.

Dermal Pen PRO creates controlled micro-injuries that trigger the skin’s natural healing response, inducing collagen and elastin synthesis to reveal a rejuvenated, more youthful and voluminous complexion.


With Dermal Pen PRO, discover:


Tightened and firm ageing and lax skin

Reduced appearance of fine lines, folds and wrinkles

Reduced appearance of acne and chicken pox scars

Lightened appearance of hyperpigmentation

A clearer, brighter, fresher skin tone

Reduced appearance of enlarged pores

Improved appearance of stretch marks and surgical scarring


 Increased resilience and volume of thinning skinTreatments are comfortable when teamed up with topical anesthetic cream and takes approximately 30 minutes.


Visible improvements can be seen from as little as 14 days post-treatment with long term results achieved after 4-6 treatment sessions.




Full Face $299

Full Face Needling with Enzyme #1 $389

Neck $249

Décolletage $249

Breasts $279

Hands $89

Back $349

Face + Neck + Dec $597 ($save $200)



Laser Skin Rejuvenation/Toning

As the skin ages and the sun wreaks its havoc, the sub dermal collagen and elastin support network breaks down. Lines and wrinkles appear, and the facial structure soon loses its fight against gravity. Creams and serums can only do so much to fix the breakdown of the skin’s matrix. Laser therapy, on the other hand, employs a precise wavelength of light energy to go where topical treatments can’t travel. In fact, studies demonstrate that laser therapy helps create a rejuvenated appearance, smoother texture, even skin tone and decreased pore size.


The non-ablative MedLite C6 is a premium laser to improve the skin’s tone and texture. Photo Acoustic energy safely and gently penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate collagen remodelling. The result is a smoother texture, smaller pores, and a reduction in wrinkles.


Full Face $139

Half Face $103

Neck $73

Décolletage  $73

Hands/Feet $73




Full Face $159

Neck $108

Décolletage  $179




China Doll (Carbon) Laser


This Carbon Laser treatment will give your skin a flawless and porcelain translucent appearance. Focusing on your skin tone and texture, if you have a big event marked on the calendar and want your skin to look amazing then our "China Doll" is what your after. 

OTHER BENIFITS - •Gives you glowing skin after just one treatment •Improvement in pore size •Improvement in active acne •Improvement in pigmentation •Collagen stimulation •No downtime

During your treatment your skin will also be indulged with our DMK products to take your treatment to the next level and exceed your expectations (Masques and Moisturises are chosen at time of appointment for your specific skin needs)


CHINA DOLL Price: $217




Brown spots on the skin may often be perceived as a sign of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Freckles may have been cute when you were a kid, but now these melanin deposits are looking more like the aging remains from too many days lounging in the sun. Freckles, sun spots, liver spots – whatever you call them, they’re technically known as “pigmented lesions” and they form when melanin concentrates in one area of the skin, usually as a result of overexposure to the sun’s UV rays.


Advanced laser technology with Q-Switched Nd:YAG wavelengths offers a proven method to permanently remove most brown age spots, freckles and unwanted pigment. MedLite features Photo Acoustic Technology, a potent wavelength of light absorbed by pigmented lesions. The light vibrates and shatters the pigment and breaks the melanin into micro-particles, lightening and removing the dark, aging spot. Most pigmented lesions disappear after 1-2 treatments; deeper lesions may require more treatments. The selective energy targets only collagen fibers or pigment.


Full Face $139

Half Face $103

Neck $103

Décolletage  $139

Checks/Nose (per area) $73